Science Communication

Science isn’t finished until it is communicated. In my work, I support scientists to communicate their research to  the outside world. I also collaborate with patient organisations, to ask what information or knowledge they need from the scientists. Because communication is about dialogues.

Below you can find some examples of project I have or have been working on.

logo adhd plaza

A new website about ADHD for and by young people. On 1 November 2022 Martine Hoogman and I will start with the first phase of this project. Next year we will train PhD students to visit Dutch High Schools with a class about ADHD. Questions from the high school students will be answered on the ADHDplaza website by the PhD students. 

For this project we have received a science communication grant (50.000 euro) from the Dutch Science Association (NWA). 

On 1 September 2022 we received an Open Science Award from minister of education Robert Dijkgraaf. In our research we closely collaborated with the ADHD organisation Impuls & Woortblind. The article with our research findings can be found here

The PRIME consortium investigates how and why insulin-related diseases (such as diabetes, obesity) often co-occur with brain diseases (such as depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease). I manage the dissemination & communication work package of this consortium. 

The website New Brain Nutrition gives information about research on the effects of lifestyle (diet, exercise) on mental health. Here you can find blogs, tipsheets, interviews with experts and cooking videos with healthy recipes. The website is a product of the European consortium Eat2beNICE. I manage the dissemination & communication work package of this consortium.

Pint of Science Netherlands logo

Pint of Science is a global festival in May that brings scientists to your local pub.